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Coffee Machine Descaler Solution Questions & Answers

Yes! Residue from minerals and coffee oils can accumulate inside the machine over time. So even if it doesn’t affect the taste of your brew, the residue can cause clogging and put unnecessary strain on the internal parts of the machine.

Studies have also found coffee makers to be one of the top 5 areas in the home to harbor contaminants. So a dirty machine is more than just a matter of coffee taste or brewing performance, but also a safety concern.

ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler is compatible with all coffee and espresso machines. Whether you have a single-serve machine or a complex professional setup, ACTIVE can help get your system clean!

For most coffee drinkers, a twice-monthly descaling is enough to maintain cleanliness. Coffee machines that are heavily used may need to be cleaned more often.

For most machines, all you need to do is add 4oz of descaler liquid to the water reservoir, then fill it the rest of the way full with water. Run a brewing cycle (or two cycles for single-serve machines) and dump out the dirty water.

Refill the water reservoir with clean water, then run another brew cycle to flush any remaining descaler from out of the machine. Now just refill the reservoir with water once more and your machine will be ready to brew coffee.

ACTIVE Coffee Machine Descaler contains 32oz of concentrated descaling liquid. 4oz of descaling liquid is required for each time you clean the machine, so you’ll be able to get 8 cleanings per bottle.

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