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active disposal cleaner

ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner

Remove grime and odors from your kitchen waste disposal and keep your sink smelling fresh.

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Remove Odors From Garbage Disposals

Refresh Your Kitchen Waste Disposal

ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner creates a powerful foam that thoroughly scrubs the inside of your kitchen waste disposal.

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Penetrates Food Residue and Sludge

Foaming tablets works to scrub and remove grime and other residue.


Eliminates Odors

Cleans internal areas where odor-causing residue collects. Leaves a fresh citrus scent.


Cleans Entire Disposal

ACTIVE cleaning foam expands to reach all areas inside of the waste disposal.


Maintains Disposal Performance

Helps keep moving parts clean and moving freely to ensure proper function.

Clean Disposal Grime & Get Rid Of Smells

Kitchen Sink Not Smelling So Fresh? When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Disposal?

Your garbage disposal is constantly processing food and other kitchen waste. Over time this causes unpleasant odors inside the disposal.

ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner creates a concentrated scrubbing foam that targets grease and other residue.

  • Cleans internal moving parts to maintain operating performance.
  • Removes odors and leaves disposal with a pleasant citrus scent.
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ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner is safe to use in any brand of kitchen waste disposal. Use twice monthly to help maintain performance and remove odors.

It’s also safe to use in homes with septic systems.

Compatible with:

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ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner Instructions

How to Clean Your Disposal With ACTIVE


Ensure Disposal is empty

Run a full power stream of hot water for 1 minute.

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Reduce water to a slow trickle (less than the width of a pencil)

Turn the faucet away from the drain.

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With the water running, place 1 tablet fully inside the disposal

Remove the tablet from the wrapper before using. For the first cleaning or heavy residue, use 2 tablets.

Run the disposal for about a minute.

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If foam produced from tablet comes into sink, continue running disposal and water until foam drains

Rinse remaining foam from sink and turn off disposal.

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Why is ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner Better?

ACTIVE Compared to Other Disposal Cleaners


ACTIVE Disposal Cleaner


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