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The Best Way to Wash Satina Leggings & Tops

April 19, 2019

Amazon Marketplace is perhaps one of the most popular e-commerce platforms out there. Over the past few years, more and more small businesses have set up shop on the side—and for good reason. It allows millions of shoppers to see easily their catalog.

Satina is one of these companies. An activewear brand, they are best known for their leggings, which are available in a variety of styles. Aside from that, they also sell yoga pants, tights, tops, and more. 

More About the Satina Brand

Satina is a brand that’s created for the Modern Woman—one that works, exercises, plays, and everything in between. Given that, it’s not surprising to know that they only sell apparel for women.

more about satina

Unfortunately, not much is known about the company. As far as we can tell, they only have an Amazon store; they do not have an official website, one that we could find, anyway. Here’s an interesting tidbit, though—the word Satina means “essential” Sanskrit (the language of Ancient India).

A Closer Look at Satina Activewear

As mentioned earlier, the brand caters toward active women. Apparel-wise, they mostly specialize in leggings—they sell several varieties including ones that are capri, full-length, and high-waisted. However, they also sell flare plants, which are available in many colors.

Top-wise, they have a couple of selections. On their Amazon store, they have two types of shirts—short sleeve tunics and long-sleeved crew necks. Similar to their pants, both come in a variety of patterns and styles.

What’s their selling point? Their price. Both their tops and bottoms are considerably cheaper than what you’d be able to find at your local mall. Sure, the quality of their items might not be the same as some higher-end brands, but it’s definitely not fragile either. If anything, it’s definitely worth the price; you’re looking at under $12 for a pair of leggings, after all!

Taking Care of Satina Leggings

As with all clothing, their leggings will wear out over time—the colors will fade and the fabric will deteriorate, that’s just the way things are. While that might be true, however, we can slow it down. How? By taking care of them in the laundry room! Surely, you’ve ruined a shirt or two before in the wash?

But wait, what’s the best way to wash Satina leggings? Can you just throw it into the machine with the rest of your clothes? Not sure? Don’t worry, we’ll be going over how exactly you should wash them below.

Just before we go into that, however, I want to bring up the fabrics. After all, you wash a piece of clothing based on the type of material that it’s made out of.

Materials Used in Satina Activewear

Lost most activewear brands, Satina mainly uses man-made fibers in their clothing. Let’s go over some of them below.


Polyester is commonly used in athletic clothing. Why? It’s cheap to make yet incredibly durable. Not only is it quick-drying, but it’s resistant to stains, wrinkles, and abrasions. Did we also mention that it pulls sweat away from the skin?

Considering this, it’s not surprising to know that Satina leggings are 92% polyester.


Spandex is known for being stretchy. In fact, you can easily stretch it up to 5 times its length! Similar to polyester, it is often used in activewear—but only in small amounts (typically less than 10%). To be more specific, it is generally blended with other fabrics such as cotton or nylon.

Satina leggings are 8% spandex; this makes them stretchy enough to provide a free range of motion.


Rayon is another type of synthetic fiber. Soft and comfy, it is not prone to piling or fading; it also takes dyes easily. There are some cons, however. For instance, it tends to wrinkle easily. The fabric also weakens when it’s wet. For this reason, some may need to be dry cleaned.

Satina doesn’t use rayon in their leggings and pants, they do use them for their tops.

Washing Instructions for Satina Leggings

Did you just get home from the gym? If so, it’s a good idea to give your Satina leggings a good wash. As it turns out, you can wash them by putting them in the washer, or manually by hand. We’ll be going over both methods.

best way to wash satina leggings

How to Wash Satina Leggings with a Washing Machine

Turn your Satina leggings inside out before putting them in the washing machine. “What good does it do?”, you ask? It prevents the dyes from coming off and makes it easier for the detergent to get rid of the gunk that’s trapped within the fibers! You can wash the leggings with other garments as long as their colors are compatible (i.e. you’re not mixing opposite colors together). For the best results, avoid washing your leggings with “coarser” items such as jeans, jackets, and hoodies.

Pro-tip: Don’t want your leggings to get damaged in the wash? If so, you might want to consider placing them in their own laundry bag. This is great for preventing snagging!

Measure and add one scoop of ACTIVE detergent down the center of the machine (or into the detergent drawer). Load your items in and choose a gentle setting. Make sure to wash the leggings with cold water; hot water will facilitate the breakdown of the fabric. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners—the latter will make it so that your leggings won’t be able to pull moisture away from the skin efficiently.

Note: A great softening agent to use is white vinegar. One cup is all it takes to soften your clothes—it’s also all natural!

Sit back and wait for the cycle to finish. Remove the Satina leggings from the machine once the wash cycle is finished. Do not leave your garments sitting in the washer! They will quickly get smelly. Instead, take everything out and hang them up to dry. Skip the dryer whenever possible. While it’s true that polyester is heat resistant, the warm air will make the leggings as a whole wear out faster.

Washing Satina Leggings in the Sink

Leggings are also easy and straightforward to was in the sink. Start by adding cold water—you want to fill it three-quarters full. Next, add a scoop of ACTIVE detergent. Mix the two things together by swirling the liquid with your hand. Put your Satina leggings in once the solution is ready. Press down on the garments to submerge it into the mixture. Let everything sit for 15 to 30 minutes.

hand wash satina leggings

Pro-tip: It’s perfectly fine to hand wash your leggings with other garments. Just be sure to separate them into two loads—light-colored items and dark colored items.

Pick up your Satina leggings from the sink. Rub the material against itself gently—this will get rid of any debris that’s on the fabric. Once you’re done, rinse away the soap by putting the item under the faucet. Continue rinsing until the water becomes clear. Put your leggings on a clean surface—be careful, it will probably be dripping water!

Remove some of the extra moisture with a dry towel. Afterwards, put them on a clothesline; allow them to air dry. Remember, you want to avoid putting the leggings in the dryer!

Removing Stains From Your Satina Leggings

We get it—stains happen. Don’t worry, though, ACTIVE detergent has got your back!

Mix a small amount with warm water in a small bowl. Dampen an old toothbrush with the mixture and apply it onto the stain directly. Make sure to saturate the entire area—you might have to apply it from the inside of the leggings as well. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Check the stain afterwards. If it’s gone, you can launder the item as normal. Otherwise, you might have to repeat the steps again.

How to Wash Satina Tops

If you remember what we said earlier, Satina also sells a couple varieties of tops. As it is, they’re also easy to wash!

how to wash satina tops

Are Satina Tops Machine Washable?

Yes, they are machine washable, just like their leggings! To be on the safe side, though, always double check the care tag labels. Some may require hand washing or dry cleaning.

Turn your shirt inside out and put it in a net laundry bag—this will prevent snagging, which can damage your top. You can wash them with other clothes (preferably those that are also made from synthetic fabrics) as long as you’re not mixing opposite colors in the same load.

Pro-tip: Given that they’re like colors, it’s perfectly okay to wash their tops with their leggings together!

Put one scoop of ACTIVE detergent in the machine. Load your tops in and wash with a gentle cycle. Always use cold water—rayon, the material that the shirts are made from, does tend to shrink in hot water. Skip the fabric softener if you want your tops to be able to pull sweat from your skin. Vinegar can be used as an alternative instead.

Wait for the cycle to finish. Remove the Satina tops from the washer when it’s done. Line them dry. Do not put them in the dryer—heat is not their friend.

How to Hand Wash Satina Tops

Hand washing is the safest method when it comes to their tops. Begin by adding one scoop of ACTIVE detergent to sink of cool water. Swirl the solution with your hand to mix. Submerge your Satina tops and gently agitate the liquid with your hand to distribute the detergent mixture. Let it soak anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

Pick your shirt up from the sink and wash it by rubbing the fabric gently. Pay extra attention to stains, if there are any. When you’re done, rinse well under running water; continue until the garment is no longer soapy. Gently press the excess water out of the shirt. From there, you can hang it up to dry on a clothesline. Once again, do not put their shirts in the dryer.

Best Laundry Detergent for Satina Leggings and Activewear

Looking for a detergent for your Satina leggings? Look no further—try ACTIVE detergent. As you can probably guess by its name, it’s specifically designed for activewear.

why you should use active detergent 1

How does it work? It contains three types of plant-based enzymes that delve deep into the fibers to dissolve bacteria, body oils, dirt, and sweat. This leaves your items fresh and clean! As it is, most conventional detergents are not designed for technical fibers; instead, they are meant for things like cotton and wool.

Another awesome thing about ACTIVE detergent is that it is 100% organic. It is not a cocktail of chemicals—all of its ingredients are natural. It does not contain any fragrances nor fillers that will enter the waterways. Not only that, but it’s hypoallergenic. Perhaps you have sensitive skin? Definitely give it a try!

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